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The Farm Conspiracy

The pale bitter imagination of the cows in the yard
of the pigs in their pens
of the chickens in their koop.
Even the horses were not above suspect

In truth, even the cats had begun to make him weary.
Though their only sin was catching the mice that plagued the fields,
the way they stared as he walked by made him wonder…
Perhaps they too are on their side.

On Wednesday, a chicken tried to attack during the routine collection of eggs.
On Thursday he was cornered by a group of cows,
certain the beasts were about to partake in a sort of ritual dismemberment.
And on Friday, a sheep was following too closely,
No doubt plotting a kind of vile of treachery.

Alas, over the weekend his suspicions were confirmed.
During an afternoon of riding, Ruby,
his favorite horse threw him off her back and ran back to the farm,

As he lay in the dirt, rejected by his trusted horse.
He knew, without any shred of doubt
that the animals were trying to kill him.


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