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The Door

The sound at the door was a fugue of wonder.
Usually a dull and lifeless knock, but this time it was different.
The knock was excited and full of joyous laughter.
The sound reached the ear and inspired an answer.

Why wont the door just open itself?
How could it resist such a life-filled request?
But doors don’t work that way.
Instead, the effort must be made.

To stand, to walk, and to open the door myself.
On the other side you will find a way.
A way to fit into the symphony
To be a part of the fugue.

There is always a way.
If you are open to the possibilities.
Open your eyes and see what can be.
Open your mind and allow it to take you away.

Allow yourself to give all that you have,
so you can receive all that can be.
Take the chance.
Open the door and let the music enter.