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Why Star Trek Discovery is Garbage

No, “Diversity” isn’t the problem with Star Trek Discovery. I just wanted to get that out of the way in case someone decides to make this about gender or race. It’s not. It just sucks. CBS does however use gender and race to excuse the fact that they seem to have created a show with no real characters or plot. Maybe since the main characters in the first two episodes are both women, I’m supposed to ignore the fact that they are having an argument more fitting of an episode of Real Housewives. Now I did actually like the captain, or at least the actress they chose for the part. Too bad her decision to make Michael her first officer (and to let her back on duty after committing mutiny) really ruins the actual character.

This brilliant meme really sums up the issues with the plot:


I didn’t see the need to reinvent the wheel for this post, so this guy talks about everything I hate about Michael Burnham:

Full disclosure, I only watched the second episode to watch the inevitable backlash Michael had to deal with from failing to take over the ship. Seeing her get sentenced to life in prison was immensely satisfying. Even with the crappy un-Star-Trek-like lighting for that scene, it was easily my favorite. Unlike the video however, I don’t want to see Michael Burnam redeemed. In my version of cannon, she rots in prison. Want a real woman in Star Trek? Stay away from Michael and see Captain Janeway, Lt. Torres, and Seven of Nine in Voyager or Major Kira and Dax in Deep Space Nine.

Also, I should probably mention the “Klingons…” I’d say they reminded me of orcs from Middle Earth, but I wouldn’t want to insult the orcs. But forget the costumes, their cringey way of speaking, and the completely garbage dialogue for a moment. They could have gone to any star trek convention in the country and found better actors to play them. The Klingon parts were hard to watch for so many reasons, but I couldn’t help but feel the actors hated dressing up like fake Klingons just as much as I hated watching them. There was absolutely no passion there. I started skipping through the Klingon parts. It felt like I was watching a cheap sci-fi rip-off of Star Trek.

Anyways, this show sucks and I’m sick of writing about it. Go watch The Orville. Their cast has a gay couple and a bunch more diversity if you care about that sort of thing, only they don’t need to brag about it to make up for poor writing or unbelievable characters.

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