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Why Vine is Special

Ever since the announcement late last week that Vine will be shutting down in the next few months, I’ve been really broken up about it. I may seem silly and I could hardly blame anyone for thinking…

Unleash Your Inner Feline

Elevate your life. Unleash your inner mountain lion. Wake up the hidden tiger inside of you. Yes, there is a powerful feline inside of you clawing to get out. Embrace it. Awaken it. This article will…

Red Wine

I woke feeling much less than fine My goodness I sound like a swine My nose is just yuck My throat full of guck I need a large glass of red wine

The Door

The sound at the door was a fugue of wonder. Usually a dull and lifeless knock, but this time it was different. The knock was excited and full of joyous laughter. The sound reached the ear…