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Meet the Uprising Review

Six months ago, myself and three other writers met on the new social media site called Gab and started talking about how all of us had enough of the current standards in publishing. Too often writers get turned down because of their gender, political affiliation or some other stereotype that has no bearing on the quality of their fiction. One of the biggest offenders of such discrimination is the short fiction market where too many times literary magazines and websites will focus only on LGBT writers or “oppressed women.” That’s not what good fiction is about. It doesn’t take a white male, gay Muslim (those two probably cancel each other out), or a gender non-binary (WTF even is that?) to write great fiction. All it takes is a great writer. We’re sick of hearing stories about writers being judged unfairly because they don’t belong to the right gender or subscribe to the right way of thinking. So we started the Uprising Review.

The Uprising Review is a publisher of short fiction and no, we don’t care if you are an Asian woman or a purple alien just as long as you’ve written a great story. In fact, we require that you remove your contact information before submitting a story so that we have no idea who you are. Our editorial team believes that free speech is vital to creating fiction and thus, we don’t care what your personal beliefs are either. It’s time that writers took a stand and said that we’ve had enough of checking “diversity boxes” or meeting some other unrealistic criteria. Great writing is all that should matter.

I like to think of the Uprising Review as a safe space. But not the kind of safe space that you hear about on college campuses, but the kind that makes everyone feel safe to express their own ideas, no matter how different they may be. If you are a writer, consider writing for the Uprising Review. You can take a look at our submission guidelines here and I hope to read your story soon!

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