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Introducing: Evergreen, A Novel by Thomas J Torrington

It was late last summer when my story with Evergreen began. I was on the new social network Gab, interacting with other writers in one of the writer’s chats we had been using to share ideas and connect with fellow writers. For a few months, I had been contemplating the idea of getting into book editing. So when Thomas posted that he was looking for beta readers for his new novel, I knew I had my chance and made the offer to edit his book. When Thomas agreed, I was very excited and had absolutely no idea what I had signed up for. Evergreen has been quite a unique journey unlike any I could have expected. It has been an honor be be apart of such a special and deeply profound book.

I imagined my first editing project to be well, like any other. I was eager for the chance to turn a good novel into a great one and bring out the best of the writer’s work. About a third of the way through the novel however, I realized that I wasn’t editing just any book. Evergreen is something truly special. I hope my efforts put forth in Evergreen have helped smooth out the edges of what is a truly great book.

Evergreen captures the heart of what fiction is. It captivates you at every front and forces you to think in new ways as you live vicariously through the story. It is a rare gift for a writer to be able to enable a reader to be drawn into a story so deeply, yet it is something that Torrington accomplishes so effortlessly. But more than that, Evergreen is a book with a message and a philosophy that anyone can identify with.

Evergreen is an inspiring and deeply profound masterpiece that anyone can identify with and learn from.

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