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Wherever you are, I will find you Whatever you do, I will be watching Into your eyes that stare back at me from this photograph Is where will be gazing Behind you is where I will be walking Turn around and you will see me I know when you rise in the morning Where you […]

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Red Wine

I woke feeling much less than fine My goodness I sound like a swine My nose is just yuck My throat full of guck I need a large glass of red wine

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The Door

The sound at the door was a fugue of wonder. Usually a dull and lifeless knock, but this time it was different. The knock was excited and full of joyous laughter. The sound reached the ear and inspired an answer. Why wont the door just open itself? How could it¬†resist such a life-filled request? But […]

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Stephen R. Willis

Musician and writer from Gilbert, Arizona. I love writing fiction, sci-fi, and enjoy sharing my thoughts and ideas. You can also check out my music on myeclecticself.com. I hope you enjoy!.