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Book Review: Escaping Infinity

A few weeks ago, someone stated that dystopian science fiction was simply what is “in” and relevant to our time and that there is no real place for utopian science fiction today. While there are many sentiments I could express to state how misguided such thinking is, I will simply say that it is obvious…

Book Review: Wulf

I found the novel Wulf when I was searching for western science fiction novels to read. For reasons I will soon reveal, I’ve been interested in exploring the quite under-served genre. After choosing Wulf to be my first western sci-fi, my first impression of the book was uncertainty. I really didn’t know what to think…

Book Review: For Steam and Country

My experience with the new steampunk fantasy For Steam and Country, began when the author Jon Del Arroz approached the Uprising Review about promoting his new book release. I was excited to further one of our primary goals at UR of helping out our fellow upcoming writers and loved the idea of being the first…