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Book Review: Wulf

I found the novel Wulf when I was searching for western science fiction novels to read. For reasons I will soon reveal, I’ve been interested in exploring the quite under-served genre. After choosing Wulf to be my first western sci-fi, my first impression of the book was uncertainty. I really didn’t know what to think from the first few chapters. The main character and this new world were both intriguing, but I found it difficult to wrap my head around. However, as I continued reading I found this feeling of uncertainty to be absolutely brilliant.

I always love when writers have the ability to pull your emotions into a story in a way that helps readers to experience the story. That is something that Set does very well in Wulf. At the beginning of the story, Jay is struggling with his new reality and grasping for any sense of familiarity. The characters we meet along the way that could give us answers end up leaving just as fast as they came. I found this to be rather frustrating. Just like Jay, I was searching for some sense of familiarity. By keeping the secondary characters at an arms length at the beginning, I was left begging for the answers that Jay himself was asking. From there, I really began to grow into the story and the character of Jay just as Jay grows into himself.

Set also does a great job writing dynamic characters. All of the characters we get to know are flawed in just the right way, making them very believable. Meanwhile, the dialogue is very fun. Set seems to enjoy writing subtle humor through dialogue that I must admit I am a pretty big fan of.

Wulf is a fun story, blending sci-fi and fantasy themes to create a world like no one has ever seen. The unique setting and the way Set pulls the reader into the story make Wulf a very memorable read. Get prepared to immerse yourself in an unknown world and be shoved into the adventures of Jay Wulf.

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