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Editing a novel is about so much more than correcting minor grammatical errors. A good editor will work with you to delve deeper into the story itself to help you see its true potential. It takes someone with an eye for characters and someone who knows what makes a story truly great. That is what I strive towards with every book I work on.

My first job when editing a book is simply to read through it. I believe it’s important to understand where the story is going first and foremost. Then I will share my thoughts and ideas on the book, telling you what works and what needs to be improved. From there I will start to carefully go through the book, leaving notes to help refine your story, characters, and prose. Once you’ve gone through your book and made your final changes, I will make one last final pass to ensure your book is ready for whatever comes next.

Rates: $0.02 per word.       Genres: Fiction, Literary Fiction, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror


For me, finding a great editor meant choosing someone I could work closely with, and who would be honest about the parts of my manuscript that needed to be changed. Stephen not only understood and respected my vision, but he helped bring it to life on the page. If you want an editor that can elevate the mediocrity in your story to greatness, and can make the existing greatness shine a little brighter, Stephen Willis is that editor.

Thomas J. Torrington,
Author of Evergreen

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