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The Farm Conspiracy

The pale bitter imagination of the cows in the yard of the pigs in their pens of the chickens in their koop. Even the horses were not above suspect In truth, even the cats had begun to make him weary. Though their only sin was catching the mice that plagued the fields, the way they […]

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Learning a Foreign Language

Why Every Writer Should Learn a Foreign Language. It’s now been a year since I began my journey with languages. I can see my goal, being fluent in Dutch in sight. I’ve learned a lot about the Dutch language and culture. But what I did not expect, was to have such a new perspective on […]

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3 Tips to Grow an Epic Garden

As someone who often pretends to be a master gardener, I frequently get asked about how to grow the perfect garden. So I thought it might be nice if I shared my best gardening tips and tricks so that you too can grow a garden that will blow away your friends and neighbors. 1. Don’t Use […]

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An ABC Story

A day later, it all seemed like a dream. But if only it had been. Clasping the edge of the hospital bed, I reached out a hand to brush his forehead–how brave my love had been.  “Daddy’s going to be okay,” I had told our daughter earlier that evening, but I knew there was but slim […]

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Wherever you are, I will find you Whatever you do, I will be watching Into your eyes that stare back at me from this photograph Is where will be gazing Behind you is where I will be walking Turn around and you will see me I know when you rise in the morning Where you […]

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Why Vine is Special

Ever since the announcement late last week that Vine will be shutting down in the next few months, I’ve been really broken up about it. I may seem silly and I could hardly blame anyone for thinking so. It’s just another social media site after all. But to myself and the millions who have grown to […]

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Best Free Novel Writing Software

With NanoWrioMo season nearly upon us, it’s time for many of us to start thinking about the novels we’ll be writing in November. While mapping out a plot and characters are likely to be on every NanoWriMo contestant’s mind, writing software can be a great investment to help you reach your 50,000 word goal. If […]

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Unleash Your Inner Feline

Elevate your life. Unleash your inner mountain lion. Wake up the hidden tiger inside of you. Yes, there is a powerful feline inside of you clawing to get out. Embrace it. Awaken it. This article will take you through the steps to elevate yourself and bring out your superior feline qualities. The first step to drawing […]

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Red Wine

I woke feeling much less than fine My goodness I sound like a swine My nose is just yuck My throat full of guck I need a large glass of red wine

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The Door

The sound at the door was a fugue of wonder. Usually a dull and lifeless knock, but this time it was different. The knock was excited and full of joyous laughter. The sound reached the ear and inspired an answer. Why wont the door just open itself? How could it resist such a life-filled request? But […]

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